Alan Joy

Untitled (Mirror Me) Untitled (Lamb) Untitled
Untitled (Mirror Me)
graphite pencil on aluminium plate
370mm x 350mm
Untitled (Lamb)
graphite pencil on primed stainless steel
video still
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My investigation into drawing is self-referential, with a repeated focus on the self (portrait) as my primary subject. Exploring this reference through a combination of photographic sources and imagery appropriated from popular culture, I approach my practice from a conceptual perspective, focussing on how the process of drawing contributes to its content, reinforcing my negotiated mapping of thoughts, memory and visual fragments as an abstraction of self and individual narrative. Motivated by multiple, interwoven, and continually changing ideas around identity, gender and sexual stereotypes, my work demonstrates a sense of personal consciousness and an awareness of the fluid nature of the hybrid self as a way to understand the authority of my cultural cache, past and present.

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