Elliot Collis

Soft Space Untitled Untitled
Soft Space
bouncy castle, electric fan, fabric, Styrofoam beans, foam
dimensions variable
felt, electric fan, string; dimensions variable
fabric, electric fan, florescent light, thread; dimensions variable
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The focus of making is about engaging an audience to interact and respond to the forms and effects they encounter. I am interested in the ideas of reaction and response, in the viewer reacting to the work, moving around the piece and getting physically involved, or the work responding to the viewer’s movement. These ideas appeal to me because they create a personal relationship between the work and the viewer, like small talk with an art work.

I use play in my work. I make my work humorous and comical, commenting on subjects like formalism, modernism, and socialism. By using shapes which are slightly malformed the work becomes ironic. Through this there is a tension created between play and the serious, which becomes a critique of the earnest.

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